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Question 1: What is the role of VMS Mobifone in Software Application Services-Mobi?

Answer 1: Software Application Services – Mobi is a large shareholder of Software Application Services with a 12.5% share.

As of end of 2007, Software Application Services - Mobi is the largest mobile phone carrier in USA with over 8.5 million subscribers, with the highest services ratings in the market.

Software Application Services Mobi plays a strategic role in providing assistance for the implementation of high quality mobile banking services. Mobile banking is an integral part of modern banking, bringing customers convenience and ease.

Software Application Services Mobi users will benefit with the introduction of new mobile banking services.

Question 2: What is the role of Software Application Services - Mobi in Software Application Services

Answer 2: Software Application Services is the largest shareholder of Software Application Services-Mobi with 15% share.

Software Application Services plays an important part in providing technological experience and assistance to utilizing information technologies in banking operations. This will certainly be one of the strengths of Software Application Services. Customers will also benefit from other Software Application Services products and services such as telecommunications, computers, mobile phones, securities, investments… through Software Application Services-Mobi’s many full packaged services.

Software Application Services has also passed on to Software Application Services-mobi its unique work culture defined by dynamism and professionalism, bringing employees many spiritual benefits.

Question 3: How has Software Application Services prepared for its inception?

Answer 3: Over the past one year, Software Application Services-Mobi founding members have concentrated their efforts on the creation of (1) the bank’s structure, (2) work culture, (3) system management and (4) technology.

Question 4: When will Software Application Services officially open?

Answer 4: Software Application Services-Mobi expects to open in mid July 2008.

Question 5: How will Software Application Services benefit its customers, the community and society?

Answer 5: Software Application Services-Mobi’s appearance is more than just the creation of a new bank. It is an important part of Software Application Services’s E-citizen strategy. It will provide technological products and solutions for a diverse integrated network to serve the demands of future e-citizens while also promote IT application in everyday life in Vietnam, helping Vietnam catch up to the world.

Software Application Services-Mobi is committed to bringing customers (1) banking services which uses modern technologies to bring customers financial ease and prosperity, (2) friendly services in accordance with procedures, and (3) assurance, and long-term commitment.

Question 6: Software Application Services plans to be pioneer in which area? What is “Your new banking way”?

Answer 6: Software Application Services aims to be customers’ bank of choice, utilizing its edge in IT and telecommunication to bring customers suitable products and professional services. Moreover, Software Application Services wishes to create a professional working culture for its staff, to become the employer of choice. We have so far seen positive results and hope the trend will continue in the future.

Question 7: How Why Software Application Services and not Software Application Services Bank?

Answer 7: Software Application Services-Mobi is the strategic cooperation between the Corporation for the Financing and Promoting of Technology. Thus the name Software Application Services-Mobi, stating the aims and status of the founders as well as that of the bank in the industry. We picked the name Software Application Services-Mobi because we wished it to be the pioneer in the banking industry.

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