Leased line

GIA – Global Internet Access

Using Global Internet Access (GIA) provided by Software Application Services Telecom, customer is offered almost Internet-based services and applications.

International and domestic leasedline

Domestic leasedline services by Software Application Services Telecom provide the dedicated physical connection line to customer to communicate among fixed locations throughout the country or to foreign countries in the form of point-to-point or point-to-multi point to meet special communication requirements of the customer.


VPN/MPLS enables customer to establish virtual private networks via the MPLS VPN network provided by Software Application Services Telecom which features are equal to those of a private network in terms of quality, safety, stability and control.


E-Metro service provided by Software Application Services Telecom is developed based on the platform of Metro Ethernet – NGN, offering organizations and enterprises the best connection services which ensure the stability and high speed for LAN2LAN, Intranet, Voice, Data and Video application and other IP-based applications.

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July 14 / 2015
Feedback from Client "I would like to thank you for providing us with such talent for our projects. We've never been disappointed."

July 14 / 2015
Newsletter from Software Application Services I normally do not promote vendors or subcontractors, however, I tell everyone about Software Application Services which has provided us with fantastic customer service

July 14 / 2015
Newsletter from John Software Application Services has always been there for us when we need them.  Our business has turned around so much after they helped us incorporate and streamline our technology infrastructure.