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Feedback from Client
January 6, 2010

"I would like to thank you for providing us with such talent for our projects. We've never been disappointed."

Newsletter from Software Application Services
January 6, 2010

I normally do not promote vendors or subcontractors, however, I tell everyone about Software Application Services which has provided us with fantastic customer service

Newsletter from John
January 6, 2010

Software Application Services has always been there for us when we need them.  Our business has turned around so much after they helped us incorporate and streamline our technology infrastructure.

I) Clause 1: General terms

1.1 Software Application Services's prestige and reputation are built and maintained based on company's whole staff's acts. Thus, this regulation is to provide instructions for staff on act ethics in their activities with view to guaranteeing for Software Application Services and its staff's benefits.

1.2 Definitions: In the sphere of this regulation, definitions can be understood as hereinafter:

1.2.1 Software Application Services's staff means all staff signing labor contracts, training and labouring contracts, freelancer contracts, work-trial contracts, or those who are at any other positions.

1.2.2 Presents includes gifts in general, reward, commission, discount, ... in form of money, items or other promotions such as vacations, sightseeings. This regulation’s sphere does not mention private presents or those serving for private relations’ demand.

1.2.3 Application Sphere: This regulation is applied for all Software Application Services staff.

II) Clause 2: General principles

2.1 Software Application Services and its staff are supposed to guanrantee their acts to comply with nation’s and company’s rules.

2.2 Software Application Services respects and treats its staff fairly. Software Application Services guarantees their staff a safe and propitious working environment.

2.3 All Software Application Services’s staff are supposed to do at best, be honest, and place Software Application Services’s benefits on top

III) Clause 3: Forbidden Acts

3.1 Software Application Services’s staff must not take advantage from their position in Software Application Services, or Software Application Services’s image for being self-interested or seeking prerogatives and privileges for themselves or their relatives’.

3.2 Software Application Services staff must not take part in business activities outside the sphere of Software Application Services’s, which utilize company’s properties, information or their positions in company.

3.3.1 Software Application Services’s staff (except for those who are freelancers) can not work, co-operate, participate in investing, or having financial benefits in organizations, teams having rival, client, or supplier relationships with Software Application Services except for those who get agreement certificates from CEO board. In cases of having direct relatives such as: father, mother, wife (husband), children, brothers or sisters working in those organizations mentioned above, they must anounce to division’s or company’s leaders.

3.4 Software Application Services’s staff must not release information including Software Application Services’s partners’, customers’ or clients’ they get via their positions to gain self-profit, and their relatives’ or do any harm to Software Application Services’s benefit. In case of compulsion, information releasing must follow Software Application Services’s regulations on receiving appropriate authorities

IV) Clause 4: Regulation on receiving gifts

4.1 Gifts for organization: During their acts, Software Application Services’s staff can represent their division, or Software Application Services to receive gifts from partners, customers. In this case, the staff are supposed to hand back in Software Application Services, and report to division’s leader for dealing.

4.2 Gifts for individuals: During their acts, Software Application Services’s staff must minimize receiving chances of private gifts. In case of receiving them, Software Application Services’s staff must obey these regulations hereinafter

4.2.1 Software Application Services’s staff or their relatives must not receive private gift in any forms with view to changing their decision or making decision harming to company’s activities.

4.2.2 Software Application Services’s staff must not take advantage of their positions or Software Application Services’s influences to clamour others for gifts for themselves or for their relatives.

4.2.3 Except for acts in 4.2.1 and 4.2.2, Software Application Services ‘s staff can receive gifts from partners, customers with those following detail regulations: In cases of receiving gifts in form of money, Software Application Services’s staff must hand back in company and report to division’s leader for dealing. In case of receiving gifts valued over $50 (based on its market price at the time of receiving gifts), Software Application Services’s staff must hand back in company and report to their division’s leader for dealing. In case of receiving gifts valued under $50 (based on its market price at the time of receiving gifts), Software Application Services’s staff have full powers to use but they are supposed to report to their division’s leader.

V) Clause 5: Punishment for infringing the regulations

Software Application Services’s staff infringing those regulations above will get the punishment from warnings to sack based on infringing limit, they will also be supposed to compensate for damage to Software Application Services caused by their acts.

VI) Clause 6: Execution provision

7.1 Base on Software Application Services’s demands, the regulation can be amended and supplemented

7.2 This regulation contains 6 clauses and takes effect from the day Software Application Services director-general signs.