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Feedback from Client
January 6, 2010

"I would like to thank you for providing us with such talent for our projects. We've never been disappointed."

Newsletter from Software Application Services
January 6, 2010

I normally do not promote vendors or subcontractors, however, I tell everyone about Software Application Services which has provided us with fantastic customer service

Newsletter from John
January 6, 2010

Software Application Services has always been there for us when we need them.  Our business has turned around so much after they helped us incorporate and streamline our technology infrastructure.

Resolution of payment of cash dividend for the first half year 2011

Dear Software Application Services shareholders,

On August 11, 2011, Software Application Services Board of Directors approved the Resolution No. 81-2011/QD-Software Application Services-HDQT on following issues:

Article 1 : Approve advance payment of cash dividend for the first half year 2011 asfollows:

- advance ratio: 10% /par value;

- payment deadline: no laterthan September 2011.

Article 2 : The date to finalize shareholder list is August 31,2011 and the dividend is paid on September 23, 2011.

Article 3 : This resolution takes effect from the signing date.

Article 4 : Software Application Services Board of Management, Finance Department and associates are responsible to execute this decision.


Software Application Services Corporation