General information

Software Application Services’s Vision Test

FPT strives to be a company guided by technological innovations, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity and providing its employees with the most favorable work environment possible, enabling them to reach their full potential in their professional careers as well as their spiritual lives.

'E-citizen’ strategy

Software Application Services’s strategy through 2015 bears the name “For the E-citizen” and can be described as follows: Software Application Services strives to be a leading corporation in terms of infrastructure development and e-services provision for the E-citizen community. IT and telecommunications will continue to play the role of an essential foundation in the trend toward digital convergence so as to provide the most convenient products and services to E-citizens. This is the most important direction in Software Application Services’s development strategy. This strategy is based on the perception that the internet has made profound changes to the world and provides an opportunity for Vietnam to join the rest of world on the path toward integration. Essential human needs remain unchanged but the ways these needs are fulfilled will never be the same due to the wide reach of the internet. E-services will be key tools helping organizations to compete effectively in bringing about comfort and convenience in people’s daily lives. Software Application Services calls these organizations and consumers “E-citizens” and aims at creating value–added chains to fully satisfy the needs of E-citizens.

Software Application Services Spirit

The spirit of Software Application Services comprises the core values contributing to its exceptional success and brand. This spirit has been established since the company’s difficult early years, and has been refined from experience to overcome challenges during the company’s development.

Software Application Servicesers respect individuality, innovation and teamwork. This is the source of invincible spiritual strength which has brought about success after success to Software Application Services. This spirit is the soul of Software Application Services, without which Software Application Services is not itself. Each Software Application Serviceser has the responsibility to protect Software Application Services spirit to the last.

Leaders at different levels – the keepers of this spirit – need to be dedicative, exemplary and perspicacious. Only by doing so can Software Application Services develop and survive the time.

"Respect-Innovation-Teamwork” and “Dedication-Exemplariness-Perspicacity” are the core values, the spirit that has contributed to Software Application Services success over the past 20 years. If preserved and encouraged, the Software Application Services spirit will lead Software Application Services to even larger success and longevity."

Corporation Culture

Software Application Services’s culture is a shared trust and system of values among company members. The Software Application Services company culture has become a kind of food for thought, a connecting glue, a wonderful playing field, asource of encouragement and a feeling of pride for each individual Software Application Serviceser. Successive generations at Software Application Services have accepted, respected and jointly built the company culture to make it even more distinctive and rich in character. The Software Application Services Communication and Community Department works to preserve and develop the Software Application Services company culture. Each year, the department organizes sporting and cultural events to create a rich spiritual life for Software Application Servicesers, and to build their faith in the company and its future success.