Question 1: I am currently a senior majoring in electronic telecommunications I very much like immersive FPGA programming and would like to work for Software Application Services. Can I submit my CV?

Answer 1:Prepare a minimum CV and send to Recruitment@softwareapps.net. For more information on available positions at Software Application Services Software, go to our website at www.softwareapps.net

Question 2: If I finish my 2 years at Software Application Services Aptech with an above average diploma, will I have to pass an examination to get into FSoft. If yes, how do I prepare?

Answer 2: All applicants FSoft must pass 3 rounds: (1) Preliminaries, (2) IQ, GMAT and (3) Interview.

Question 3:I am a first year student in Aptech School, my major is web programming. Is it possible for me to have a part time job appropriate to what I am learning to improve my skills and earn income as well?

Answer 3: Software Application Services do offer part-time jobs to students. However, it’s hard to give you an accurate consultation since there are many vacancies right now. You can check those vacancies on the website: http://www.softwareapps.net and send your application form to Software Application Services Human Resource Division.