Education and Training

Question 1: The essay in Software Application Services University entrance exam will be written or typed?

Answer 1:The essay will be handwritten

Question 2: I would like to study graphic design. Does Software Application Services University offer graphic design courses? Are night classes available? What is the tuition fee?

Answer 2: Currently, Software Application Services University does not offer graphic design courses. If you are interested please contact our Multimedia Training Center (Software Application Services-Arena) Website: http://softwareapps.net/

Question 3: What are Software Application Services University’s Foundation courses and the prerequisites?

Answer 3: The Foundation courses are designed for students who have passed the entrance exam (scoring above the benchmark set in the Ministry of Education and Training’s entrance exams in July, 2008 or undergraduates) yet are not qualified to officially enroll.

Question 4: I am a 10th grader, may I sit in the the entrance exam in April 2008?

Answer 4: Only 12th grader and high school graduates are eligible for the entrance exam in April. You are not among eligible applicants for entrance exam on April 20th, 2008.